Division 34 South Purple Penguins


We are in Region 17, Cali-Nevada-Hawaii District. 
Our division mascot is a Purple Penguin and our main colors are purple and white.  Division 34 South is comprised of key clubs in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Los Altos and Mountain View.


Past Lt. Governors:

'22-'23 Sriya Pillutla, Mountain View

'21-'22 Madeline Cheng, Mountain View

'20 -'21 Cheryl Bai, Monta Vista

'19-'20 Rebecca Pan, Los Altos
'18-'19 Sadhana Sarma, Lynbrook
'17-'18 Veronica Martin, Lynbrook
'16-'17 Albert Hwang, Palo Alto
'15-'16 Alexa Jade Rallos Delapena, Mountain View
'14-'15 Noori Tawakol, Homestead
'13-'14 Alec Deng, Palo Alto
'12-'13 Larry Zhang, Lynbrook
'11-'12 Anika Dhamodharan, Lynbrook
'10-'11 Stefan Tian, Los Altos
'09-'10 Patrick Lin, Lynbrook
'08-'09 Annie Cheng, Homestead
'07-'08 Elizabeth Huang, Fremont 


Schools in the Division

​Los Altos
Monta Vista
Mountain View
Palo Alto


Region 17 Royals ~

​Region 17 Divisions + Lieutenant Governors:
Division 12 South Supervillains - Enya Do
Division 12 East Superheroes - Charitha Gangi
Division 12 West Supertroopers - Josh Perez
Division 34 South Purple Penguins - Madeline Cheng

Division 43 Tigers - Suyeon Hwang
Division 34 North Aqua Apes - Courtney Tai

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CNH District
The first five clubs officially chartered by Key Club International were at Sacramento, Monterey, Oakland Technical, Hemet, and Stockton (now Edison) High Schools. Key Club grew beyond the place of its birth, and a few clubs already existed in Nevada. In 1947, it was decided that a district should be formed.
            The first step was taken as all Key Clubs and Kiwanis Clubs in California were invited to hold a conference in San Diego in October of 1947. The Key Club California-Nevada (Cali-Nev) District Bylaws and Constitution were adopted and new district officers were elected. John Cooper of Oakland Technical High School was the first District Governor of the Cali-Nev District. The first official Cali-Nev District Convention was held in Oakland in March 1948. It was attended by eighty members representing the 23 recognized district Key Clubs.
            The California-Nevada District converted to the California-Nevada-Hawaii (Cali-Nev-Ha, CNH) District when McKinley High School Key Club was established in Hawaii in 1952. The first edition of the Cali-Nev-Ha Key appeared on May 1, 1954. Presently Cali-Nev-Ha has over 45,000 Key Club Members from 736 clubs in eighteen regions, and 74 divisions!

District: California-Nevada-Hawaii
Mascot: Bees
45,500+ members
770+ clubs
80 divisions
18 regions
1 ohana